10 Factors to Consider before Launching a Political Campaign

pic_0227-copy-2In this new video, I lay out 10 Factors to Consider before Launching a Political Campaign, based on my political memoir of my underdog, uphill attempt to win election to public office, Don’t Knock, He’s Dead: A Longshot Candidate Gets Schooled in the Unseemly Underbelly of American Campaign Politics.

You may believe you can do the job better than the deadwood who’s been in office for eons. But it’s no simple feat to get there. A political campaign can take a toll on your life, health, well-being, family, job, finances and other aspects. And if you’re not extremely organized, confident and committed, you may be doomed to failure from the beginning.

Discover the 10 factors — among many more — that I found must be strategically evaluated and planned in advance to increase chances of an Everyman achieving electoral success here, from a presentation I made to the Western Howard County (MD) Democratic Club. I know if I had been better prepared with these factors in mind, I would have performed better.



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