Book Signing Appearance at Bethany Beach Books for Three Yards and a Plate of Mullet

I will be appearing at Bethany Beach Books in Bethany Beach, DE at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, August 6, 2017 for an author book-signing event for my novel, Three Yards and a Plate of Mulletbased on my experiences as a rookie sportswriter in a small Florida city.

Appearing August 2016 at Bethany Beach Books to promote political memoir based on my longshot run for political office

Three Yards and a Plate of Mullet, published by Sirenian Publishing, follows a season of a rookie sportswriter who rejects a big-city corporate slog to pursue his passion in a semi-backwater Florida town where high school football is king, the coaches are royalty, schools from opposite sides of the tracks vie for supremacy, and the old-boy network holds sway.  Amid an intense season of high school football, the sportswriter discovers the coach of the worshiped local football powerhouse and scion of a family dynasty may have masterminded a conspiracy to return his alma mater to statewide dominance, and redeem himself in the process. As the sportswriter covers rivalries and relentless pursuit of the ultimate prize, and digs deeper into the scandal, he seeks to unravel the truth that could bring the beloved football program down – that is, if he doesn’t get run out of town first.

Three Yards and a Plate of Mullet is a humorous romp through 1980s Florida, a cross between Friday Night Lights and The Hangover, featuring eccentric characters and uproarious buddy adventures against the Florida backdrop, part Paradise, part Schlock.

I made an appearance in 2016 at the same bookstore, a block from the Bethany Beach boardwalk, to promote my political memoir based on my run for Maryland state delegate, Don’t Knock, He’s Dead: A Longshot Candidate Gets Schooled in the Unseemly Underbelly of American Campaign PoliticsIf you are anywhere in the DelMarVa Coast area on August 6, drop by and say hello!

Click here for the bookstore’s event promo.


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